We have over 15 years of experience working for publishers like Activision or TDK. We have titles released on many platforms, including PC, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo consoles. Here you can have a look at some of our older works.

We offer support for all animation related features in the most popular game engines – Unreal Engine, Unity, Stingray and Cryengine. We are pretty clever bunch, so an in-house engine is OK too.

We couldn’t resist the furry ones. Here is our project of high quality, game ready animations. And meshes… and more.

Based on photogrammetry, optimized for games – have a look at our highly detailed assets.

Yep, more will come soon. We will let you know if you subscribe down there.


We will take good care of those hard-to-MOCAP creatures. Terrestrial, aquatic, mammals, insects, those long gone or soon to evolve.

Sometimes it’s not feasible to make your own Frankenstein or Zombies to record them in motion. In those rare cases, we can help.

We like us, the humankind, so naturally we animate humans. Stylized or realistic, we will make us move.

Ground, air, water. Outer space seems like a bit of a trouble, but it’s unlikely we can’t do it. We will pick the best actors to deliver heartbreaking performances.


Natural landscapes of any climate zone, biome or planet far far away. Lighting, composition, path finding and much more.

Urban areas and indoor spaces – real or fictional.

Low poly, stylized, realistic or photo scanned with all the technical requirements.

Humans, fantasy creatures, animals – we will make sure they look great and work smoothly with animations.


We know how does it feel to have your precious project somewhere lying there on the drive, in the dark, waiting to be taken by bad persons. So it’s all encrypted on our side and great care is taken for your data.

It’s the 21st century, right? So wouldn’t it be cool to avoid all those bugs and sad customers? We can help with that too.

We can elevate some of the stress when after all those long hours you just finally want to finish that dam… fantastic game of yours.