Simon the Raccoon


Simon is a beautiful raccoon with a lot to offer. He has got 3 mesh stylesrealistic and two stylized meshes. He is able to elegantly move using 75 hand made animations. Next there are some sound fx because sometimes he just doesn’t care if he makes some noise. Fbx sources, support files for fur plugins and maya animation rig are included too.

Simon can stand, stand really high and sit, but what he really loves to do after a long day is to lie down and a rest a bit. He can smoothly transition between stand, stand hind, sit and lying. To avoid being confused with a statue, he breathes and does some idle moves. He can also turn around.

Simon’s dexterity is amazing. He can sneak up on you, walk slow, walk, trot just like that, run when in hurry and even sprint when danger is around. He can sway at all speeds and he can get from stand to any speed very smoothly.

This may sound like things got too dark too fast. No worries, Simon (like all the cool animals) had some acting classes and so can feign convincing hits and deaths. He is very patient, so can play dead for as long as needed.


Here is what comes with Simon if you decide to invite him to your home:

  • realistic mesh with LODs (usable separately)
  • 2x stylized mesh
  • 75 animations with root motion
  • sound fx
  • fbx sources for meshes and animations
  • support files for fur plugins
  • maya anim rig


  • Stand_Breathing_01
  • Stand_Idle_01
  • Stand_Idle_02
  • Sitting_Breathing_01
  • Sitting_Idle_01
  • Sitting_Idle_02
  • Lying_Breathing_01
  • Lying_Idle_01
  • Lying_Idle_02
  • StandHind_Breathing_01
  • StandHind_Idle_01
  • StandHind_Idle_02
  • Loco_Sneak + left/right variations for turning (very useful for blendspace animations)
  • Loco_WalkSlow + left/right variations
  • Loco_Walk + left/right variations
  • Loco_Trot + left/right variations
  • Loco_Run + left/right variations
  • Loco_Sprint + left/right variations
  • Loco_WalkHind + left/right variations
  • Loco_RunHind + left/right variations
  • Trans_TurnL
  • Trans_TurnR
  • Trans_Stand_to_Sitting
  • Trans_Stand_to_Lying
  • Trans_Sitting_to_Stand
  • Trans_Sitting_to_Lying
  • Trans_Lying_to_Stand
  • Trans_Lying_to_Sitting
  • Trans_Stand_to_StandHind
  • Trans_StandHind_to_Stand
  • Trans_Stand_to_Sneak
  • Trans_Stand_to_WalkSlow
  • Trans_Stand_to_Walk
  • Trans_Stand_to_Trot
  • Trans_Stand_to_Run
  • Trans_Stand_to_Sprint
  • Hit_Stand_L01
  • Hit_StandHind_F01
  • Hit_Sitting_F01
  • Hit_Lying_L01
  • Death_Stand_L01 + final death pose
  • Death_StandHind_F01 + final death pose
  • Death_Sitting_F01 + final death pose
  • Death_Lying_L01 + final death pose
  • Add_Neutral
  • Add_Look_Left
  • Add_Look_Right
  • Add_Look_Down
  • Add_Look_LeftDown
  • Add_Look_RightDown
  • Add_Look_Up
  • Add_Look_LeftUp
  • Add_Look_RightUp
  • CanonBall
  • SittingSpec_Breathing_01